Art athlete

I’m wondering
What is reality?
The thought of this
Just baffles me
seems to be
on the same frequency
Similarities as chemistry
But I the end they’re lies
Seen by eye
Number 3
Can’t I
Trust me?
The answer is yes
I mean it should be
But throughout history
I haven’t listened to me
At all
And honestly that’s where I fucked up
My dreams turned to nightmares
And I just turntable up
Kept myself sedated
Scared of getting
Worked up

No man
Nor women
Can change me
I am him
I am god
That’s right
I am god
That’s right
I am the god of my universe!
Yeah that’s mother fucking right
Doing this every single day into the night
Just close my eyes
Breathe deep
Meditate meditate!
Yes you know that I will not hesitate to levitate
To heaven gates
Ascension date awaits while earth is slowly saved
Using the force which is up in my mind!
Not physically
Soon you see
This become reality


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