Don’t have

As it is
As it

If time
Was a non factor
The possibilities are endless
Would I
Use this experience for glory? Or
Go back and try to renew some friendships

Relive the nights we talk about
The stories filled with hype
Enjoy them drugs as if they never bite
IM on the right path
Should I
Go to work working like a jerk
Wearing I path
Just to make a earning for eternity
Or a wage for your days
I say
Hell no
Im doing the first thing to scream
Out of my soul
Go back
To the L.E.S
Where arrested is a dice game
I might be next
The rest is strategy
Like chess
Keep moving
Off this bench
Grab a bball to shoot some hoops
Doin da loopy loop while shooting
No fall
So high but not tall
My mind holds it all
It’s fun
To go back
Remember these times like
Kodak for the mind
Them ladies so fine
In the back of the class
Trying keep my mind
While she gives me hers

They lie they cheat
They love, deceit
Refund, receipts
New chick next week
Now I’m skating down the street
Got my headphones ablaze
About to meat up with J cause his bud
Is just amazing
I want my mind to be so vacant
sneaking around into apartments that are vacant
Chinatown bound
With stereo
Always been a night owl
For the boys I look around
I’m smarter now
I write things down
Then re read my scriptures
I need an elixir
So I can drown

Drown in my sorrows
Cause my life could end tomorrow


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