Life is value

This pretty young thing
Remain unnamed
Walking through the clouds
Cocaine in the brain
The weight and the strain impacts her day
It’s pounding away (damn)
Every single person she meets is grey
And she’s not right but
What a beautiful sight to see
Hair so long
And eyes pretty
She goes to see Sean
New way deli
Says that
He’s got a new drug
The man wit the pot belly
Talking to the no body with the body of a hotty
Mind foggy
Still recollects daddy’s
Heroin hobby
Pissed off
So he turns his back on mommy
Lost family along with divinity
Now the unnamed trinity holds a gap
Who can jump that? Nobody
So she listens in search of what is missing
Probably because of the pain endured she
Searching for a cure
But stumbled upon a curse
Evidence of her
Self inflicted hearse
She takes the drugs
She owes the debt
She owns a house
She ain’t paid it off yet
She goes to the spot
Of a known coke head
Beer on the floor
Soldiers that are dead
Forces and troops
on this night she will do
The unthinkable
She confesses
Nevertheless a baby is born
At the crack of dawn
sharing crack pipes with Sean
Compulsive liars decide to fight
That’s fire versus fire
as this home birth takes place
The father runs away to escape his fate
She hasn’t seen in weeks
Walking down the street
With a stroller incomplete
Three wheels green
And a tennis ball to top it off
Gotta pop a wheelie just to roll off

At the same corner now
New way deli
Sees her man posted up
She runs up
She’s yelling
Police take notice
Across the street surveilling
Drug dealer tendency
She wanted meant to be
He didn’t wanna visit
He couldn’t
She slaps him,
He pushes,
She falls down
Police get involved now
Sean goes home to jail
No freedom no bail
The baby
Growing up in hell


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