Still I’m stuck chasing stars while
Johnny’s chasing
A catch at the bar
Might find me at the pier
Grab me 3 other beers
Out the abyss I leer
My senses hear
And tell
It’s time,
Then I fell Beneath
This hell help me
Hardly held
Reality in shelf
Me in myself
Stuck then trapped
In the skell
O tin u
Filled my pool with allergens
And chemicals
Cause another person
Tells me to
Cause that person lives alone with two
Children damn he’s gotta feed the fam
So he works hard
For another man
Who works at a desk with a coffee can
With a putter and fake green
distributing massive chemicals
Which is deadly
Cause he grew up with a lot of envy
From being picked on
My the bully Jeffrey
Then he grew old
And turned so schiesty
Might even charge his momma
For drinking iced tea

They lost their psyche
They’ve lost their mind
They sang a song
Must it didn’t rhyme
As harmful lies
Effect a million lives
Is it a suprize
Or all predesigned!?


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