My message

Bob Marley paper
Bob Marley hair
Bob Marley vibe
Put this essence in the air
Positivity enter me
Then exit
Common in sense
Humans understand it
This in my drug
How I get my blunt lit
Like headlights
Taking flights out of Texas
11 in the evening
Thinking on some reasoning
Choking on the heathen
Then I cure it with some Riesling
I’m beasting
They say
Drums beating
All day
Figured out my shadow
Get away
For the weekend
No peaking no stop
It’s steep but not the top
My thoughts nonstop
Be what’s keeping me hiphop
My game I’m on top
We meet in parking lots
No skimp mister Krabs
Forehead red dot
Own the spot like skate
Games with cops don’t play
Blow up my spot what I got
Stay concealed
Life’s a game of fortune
Spin the wheel
A few chicks I’ve pealed
appear in movie reels
But that doesn’t even matter
My blunts be getting fatter
My mind expanded
Getting bigger
See the bigger picture
I am Molly Pitcher
Also the Big Dipper
The big league pitcher
And the exctacy sniffer
Mixed in an elixir
This ocean we call life
We are all exactly alike
at the end of the night
Perspective of a kite
Sit on satellites
Every time I write
Decipher my insight
Chillen with the homies
get high
Relax and feel the vibe
Bob Marley in my mind

Positivity enter enter enter me
then exit,
this is my message


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