Barrack Obama on ISIS

Obama plans to conduct a systematic deployment of air strikes.
Troops will attack on floor, as well as in the air, both in Syria, and Iraq. Working with the Iraqi government, this is an attempt to “degrade and destroy” ISIS. In my opinion, this speech was vital for the United States government to show the population of this nation that this terrorist organization is not only something to keep an eye on, but a serious threat at large. This speech addresses the agenda of the Obama administration, which appears to be an “iron fist ” foreign police. (evidence of war in Iraq since the first term of Obama’s presidency when he preached “change” overseas, then did not bring our troops home). If Obama does not deliver on his word , yet again, this strategy could very easily drum up bad publicity for the Obama administration. Also, it’s probably not a good idea to piss off a potentially trans-nation terrorist organization such as ISIS, just saying.


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