John Molinelli

Professor Torry Rollins

Davion Jackson

First year seminar


Office of Career Education and Development

The presentation last Monday from Jessica Schwabenbauer and John Snyder was very helpful for students that are undecided in their journey through college. The office of career education and development also helps students in different ways. The resources they give for students include job research, marketing skills, internships, and advice on future classes and current scholastic situations. They can also provide mock interviews for students in need of interview strategies for future reference. The office of career education and development also holds job fairs and major and minor fairs, and a career exploration fair. These fairs are helpful in showing students all the options that are available to them in ways other then furthering their scholastic education.
Jessica and John also provided resources for students in the form of the two websites O-net, and Focus. The Focus website helps students discover potential career paths in the form of surveys to find out strong suits and weak points in the students skill set. Then, upon completion of the survey the student will be provided with a list of potential career options that fit the specifically. The website O-net is very similar to focus, except this website goes even further and shows you potential wages, salary, skills, and education needed for the jobs you were matched up with on focus.
This was an important class for students undecided in their future endeavors. Me, as a sport management major I am set up to graduate and become a coach. When I used focus it told me my future job should be a general manager. That is right in my alley and definitely a possible job for me. Over all I enjoyed the class and it was beneficial to use the focus program.


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