Weather warfare 2

The use of weather warfare by the American government has been seen as far back as the Vietnam war! Under the rule of president Johnson, America attacked Vietnam with more then heavy artillery. The Vietnamese Army fought a gorilla style war, and used the heavy brush of their land to hide and then ambush American soldiers. The Vietnamese soldiers relied heavily on the Ho Chi Min trail to transport goods from base to base. The Americans knew this, and as a counter measure, deployed Chemtrails were them used in a “cloud seeding” project which made the Vietnamese jungle, and Ho Chi Man trail flooded. Chemtrails essentially are streams of chemicals left in the sky by military planes, designed to change the weather of a specific region. They can be seen today all over the world. The following is an excerpt from an article on Operation Popeye.

Operation Popeye (also known as Project Popeye), was a US military cloud seeding operation during the Vietnam War, running from March 20, 1967 until July 5, 1972, which was intended to extend the monsoon season over Laos, specifically in areas of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The military seeded clouds with silver iodide, resulting in the targeted areas seeing an extension of the monsoon period an average of 30 to 45 days. The objective of Operation Popeye was to increase rainfall in carefully selected areas to deny the Vietnamese enemy, namely military supply trucks, the use of roads by; softening road surface, causing landslides along roadways, washing out river crossings and maintaining saturated soil conditions beyond the normal time span. The operation was considered relatively successful


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