Wsg 17

According to the Ted Stevens olympics, the national governing body must review and act on request (such as sanctions by persons or organizations to hold international athletic competition in the United States.) it is the responsibility of these governing bodies to represent countries I international federation, to establish and attain goals, to serve as a coordinating body for athletic activity, exercise jurisdiction over international sport events, and to conduct amateur athletic competitions, upon other responsibilities.

Paralympic sport organizations are a rapidly growing market. Paralympic sport organizations run sporting events that provide arenas for handicap athletes to perform.

The sport agent responsibility trust act is put in effect essentially to protect athletes from contracts locking them into an unfavorable deal. An example of this would be failure to disclose information to the athlete about wether or not they may lose NCAA eligibility. There have been many cases where athletes sign into contracts without knowing the entire deal, only to find that there are stipulations in the fine print that end up hurting the athletes career. The sport agent responsibility trust act (also known as SPARTA) was put in place to prevent this from happening.

Duties of SPARTA

1) a duty to be truthful to the athlete

2) the duty of full disclosure

3) a duty to refrain from “buying” an athlete


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